Who this course is for

For anyone who wants to prepare well for the Civic Integration Exam.

Course Purpose & Summary

This course is for everyone who has A1+/A2 level. You are able to understand simply written and spoken texts and can speak and write in simple sentences. In this course you will practise the five parts of the exam; reading, listening, writing, speaking and  KNM. In our lessons you will do test exams and we will teach grammar to speak and write correct sentences. The KNM  part is ‘Kennis van de Nederlandse Maatschappij’: You will do test exams and learn about the exam themes.

  • Listening: Practice the mock exams.
  • ReadIng: Practice the mock exams.
  • Speaking: Practice the mock exams.
  • Writing: Practice the mock exams.
  • Grammar: The necessary grammar rules are taught.

Important information

  • Price: € 390,00
  • Certification: You will receive a certificate of completion by the end of this course
  • Starting Level: A1+
  • Target Level: A2
  • Supplementary Materials: The book: "Welkom in Nederland kennis van de Nederlandse maatschappij voor het inburgeringsexamen or Bagage kennis van de Nederlandse maatschappij."
  • Home Work: 4 hours per week

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