Who this course is for

The introductory course to Danish is designed for anyone who would like to travel to Denmark and make themselves understood there. This course is also meant for people who are interested in Danish language and culture. Knowledge of Dutch grammar is a plus, but not required.

Do you like going on holiday to Denmark? Are you also addicted to Danish TV series such as "The Killing", "The Bridge" and "Borgen" and would like to learn to speak a word of Danish? Then this beginners course is for you! Knowledge of Dutch grammar is a plus, but not required.

Course Learning Goals

The course is intended for absolute beginners. The level you will reach after finishing this course is about A1. That means: you can understand simple words and sentences on familiar topics and you can, for example, introduce yourself and explain where you live.

  • Listening: You can understand familiar words and basic phrases about yourself, family and immediate surroundings.
  • Reading: You can use simple phrases and sentences about yourself, your surroundings, the weather and in situations such as at the museum, on a campsite, visiting neighbours and in shops. A lot of attention is also paid to the correct pronunciation of Danish sounds.
  • Speaking: You learn to read simple texts. By the end of the course you will be able to read simple texts such as advertising brochures, traffic signs and other simple announcements. You will find that reading Danish is not very difficult, especially if you have some knowledge of German and English.
  • Writing: You will learn to write short, simple texts, for example a message on WhatsApp or a short email.
  • Grammar: You will learn the basics of Danish grammar: regular and irregular verbs, articles and endings of definite, possessive and adjectives, word order and the different types of adverbs.

Important information

  • Structure: 12 lessons of 2 hours
  • Price: € 468,00
  • Certification: You will receive a certificate of completion by the end of this course
  • Home Work: 2 hours per week
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