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    Sinds 2000 gespecialiseerd in Nederlandse taaltrainingen.
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Welcome to Tupkertaaltraining!tupkertaaltraining

Tupkertaaltraining has specialized in language training for native and non-native Dutch speakers since 2000.

The lessons are tailor-made to suit the individual and are not standardized. Tupkertaaltraining will be able to design and deliver a course adapted to your profession, level and needs.

You can choose either individual or group training.

The number of lessons will be determined in advance; we will arrange an intake session. If necessary, you can have a trial lesson (price 1 lesson).

Training is for a minimum of 12 weeks duration at a frequency of 2 hours per week.  You can choose an intensive course with lessons several times a week. The average duration will be three to six months, depending on the selected module and the frequency of lessons: once a week or several times a week. To make quick progress it’s important to do your homework.

If you intend to do the NT2 Staatsexamen or the Civic Integration Exam (Inburgering), we can help you prepare for these exams.