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    Sinds 2000 gespecialiseerd in Nederlandse taaltrainingen.
Tupker Taaltraining


For whom?
This course is meant for people who have no knowledge of the Dutch language at all. Participants are expected to have finished high school education and they need to be able to study at home.

Course content
In this course you will learn the basics of Dutch language, the language skills for speaking, listening, reading and writing.  You will acquire a basic vocabulary and grammar.

Speaking skills
From the beginning you will be encouraged to speak Dutch. You will learn to use elementary spoken Dutch, for example to introduce yourself, greet and say goodbye, give and ask for information, invite someone, order and make reservations, find your way somewhere, use the negative, etc. You’ll learn basic Dutch skills for conversations in a shop, a restaurant, a pub, with colleagues, neighbours, the doctor, etc.  With these speaking and listening skills you will be able to understand simple private and office conversations.


In this course you will learn the essential Dutch grammar. With a number of simple rules you will be able to use the correct word order and the basic Dutch verb conjugations.

Writing skills
You will learn to write and express yourself in elementary written Dutch, in e-mails and short texts.
You will have a basic workbook and there will be handouts during the lessons.

Studybooks are not included.

Language proficiency level

(CEF) A0 – A1