Who this course is for

The Accelerated Dutch Civic Integration exam training course is for anyone who wants to prepare for the Civic Integration Exam in a fast and accelerated way. In this course you will practise the five parts of the exam; reading, listening, writing, speaking and  KNM. In our lessons you will practise with mock exams and we will teach grammar to speak and write correct sentences. The KNM  part is ‘Kennis van de Nederlandse Maatschappij’: You will do mock exams and learn about the exam themes. Our tutors ar both fluent in Dutch and English. We use both languages to get you on the right level.

Course Learning Goals

The course has for purpose to increase your Dutch language skills in order to pass the Civic Integration exam in a fast and effective way. This intensive online course ensures that every student is professionally prepared at an accelerated pace for successfully participating in the Civic Integration Exam.

  • Speaking: You will be able to speak Dutch on the right exam level. During the online lessons we work on your skills and bring them to the right level. The necessary grammar rules are taught.
  • Listening: All listening skills to pass the Civic Integration exam are effectively trained.
  • Writing: The writing skills will be brought up to the level of the examination requirements. The necessary grammar rules are taught.
  • Reading: You learn to read according to the examination requirements. We help to increase and continuously expand your vocabulary. The necessary grammar rules are taught.

Important information

  • Structure: 18 lessons of 2 hours.
  • Price: € 625,00
  • Certification: You will receive a certificate of completion by the end of this course
  • Starting Level: A0
  • Target Level: A2
  • Supplementary Materials: The book: "Welkom in Nederland kennis van de Nederlandse maatschappij voor het inburgeringsexamen or Bagage kennis van de Nederlandse maatschappij." We do not use this book in the course. But it is good to practise from the book yourself if you want to make faster progression.

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