Who this course is for

The course Dutch Beginners Plus is for everyone who has finished our Beginners Basic course. But even if you already have some basic knowledge of Dutch you are free to join.

Course Purpose & Summary

After successfully finishing the course you will have reached the A2 level. Next level training will be either the Course Semi Advanced or the Civic Integration course (Inburgeringsexamen). In Beginners Plus, you learn to express your opinion, talk and write about the weekend, about holidays and the past. You learn to talk about current topics, you can broadly follow the news and TV programs.

  • Listening: You are able to understand sentences and frequently used words having to do with basic information about yourself, your family, shopping, work, local environment. You can notice important information in short and clear messages.
  • Reading: You will be able to read short, simple texts and can find specific information in everyday texts like advertisements, brochures, menus, etc. You will be able to understand short, personal letters.
  • Speaking: You learn to speak in the perfectum: ‘wat heb je gedaan in jouw weekend, op jouw vakantie, wat heb je gegeten? wat heb je gekocht’, etc. You learn to ask questions to friends, colleagues and neighbours about their holiday, weekend etc. You learn to speak about the past (‘vroeger’) (imperfectum) when you were in college, when you were a child: ‘Hoe ging je naar school?’ ‘Wat studeerde je?’ ‘Waar werkte je?’ ‘Welke sport deed je?’, etc. You learn to give your opinion and ask others for theirs; you can advise and ask for information.
  • Writing: You will learn to write short texts in the perfectum about your holiday or weekend (what did you do?), as well as in the imperfectum (waar woonde je als kind?, hoe ging je naar school?, etc.). You will learn to react to an invitation and write a thank you note. You will learn how to express your opinion, to cancel an appointment using conjunctions.
  • Grammar: In this course you will learn more Dutch grammar like the perfectum : (‘Ik heb gegeten’) and the imperfectum. Using conjunctions like; want, maar, dus, omdat, als, etc. to connect sentences. These words are used to express your opinion for example.

Important information

  • Structure: 12 lessons of 2 hours
  • Price: € 560,00
  • Certification: You will receive a certificate of completion by the end of this course
  • Starting Level: A1
  • Target Level: A2
  • Home Work: 3 hours per week

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