Who this course is for

The Dutch Intermediate course is for everyone who has completed the Lower Intermediate course (B1.1). The level you will reach after successfully completing the course is B1. After this you can do the Advanced course or you can do the State Exam NT2 program 1 course.

Course Learning Goals

  • Listening: You can understand the main points when someone clearly speaks in standard dialect on common topics of such as daily life and work, school, leisure, etc. You can understand the main points of many radio and television programs on current topics of personal or professional interest, when it is clearly spoken..
  • Reading: You can understand texts that mainly consist of high-frequency, every day or work-related language. You can understand the description of events, feelings and wishes in personal letters.
  • Speaking: You learn to speak about your experiences and expectations. You learn to speak about various topics such as habits, relationships, news, culture, books and films. In addition, you learn to give your opinion using structured arguments, ask for information and give instructions, express a complaint, and ask for and share your preferences.
  • Writing: You learn to express your opinion with arguments, give information and advice and ask questions about various current topics that you are personally interested in or that relate to daily life such as family, hobbies and work. You also learn to make a complaint.
  • Grammar: You will learn the separable and reflexive verbs, the passive form, relative clause and the use of the word "er".

Important information

  • Structure: 12 lessons of 2 hours
  • Price: € 560,00
  • Certification: You will receive a certificate of completion by the end of this course
  • Target Level: B1
  • Home Work: 6 hours per week

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